Vets from Calgary 🇨🇦

Yes yes, I am from Canada 🍁. Eh! And proud. Today I had a visit to the veterinarian, my mom took me to Landing Animal Clinic. Where the staff just couldn’t get over how damn cute I am. They were all super soft and everyone wanted cuddles!!!! They gave treats and repeatedly told me how adorable I was!!! The doctor was super nice and mom said that it’s a great thing to have a vet who can explain everything to her clearly. Where do you go to your vet?

Mom also was advised to get insurance for me, god forbid something happens to me…. What are your thoughts guys? #bonitaout #staytunedformore

New house turning into Home!

 Hey Yall,

Name is Bonita, 3months old. Fancy Russian Blue.

As some of you heard, I had recently moved from my Kitty MOM house to my Humans home. The humans seem like a lovely couple that was just missing a little fur ball to care of. Right away, I found a secretive spot to hide my behind; they call it “couch”. A wonderful place where I play hide and seek with DAD. The place where DAD spends most of his evening glued to some screen, as mom likes to say. I hope they did not think I am going to let them love me just like that. Just like the myths says: HUMANNS WORSHIP US (cats) not the other way around. And so the life has begun.

BonitaOut! Stay Tuned For More……